Childhood days were beautiful. Its funny how getting minor scraps on the knees, scoldings from parents for not finishing homework, not talking with friends over something lame, or cheating in boardgames were issues so hard to handle. Those issues were seemed so disastrous back then that it seemed like the world coming to an end. 

But growing up is as inevitable as surviving without food. And with that, terms like cheat, starts becoming more heavier in weight. What once was cheating in snake and ladders, becomes cheating in relationships. Suddenly playing with toys in childhood becomes playing with emotions in adulthood. 

With the first heartbreak from a cheating boyfriend comes the first hard hit slap on our immaturity. Along with the kicks and punches from our emotions, our life takes away what we later cherish and miss the most – our beautiful childhood. 


7 thoughts on “Cheat

  1. What about the amazing things we get to experience as an adult? Don’t get me wrong. Childhood is awesome. I would love to go back for a ride and do it all again( a little differently!). But I would never want to stay there forever. By the way, cheaters suck!


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