Use me, please.


One thing that always manages to tick me off everytime i step out of my house is the garbage. Having been brought up in Thailand has made my eyes vunerable when it comes to the dirt and garbage i see all over India. Sometimes its so bad, that i imagine if astronauts were to see India from space, they would see less of the land and more of the garbage piles reaching as high as mount everest.

Since i was kid, i had always been taught to throw rubbish in the dustbin or keep it in your hand if one wasn’t in sight. And that is what me and my brother always did obeyingly. I had always felt that i’d have a thousand stranger’s eyes accusing me if I’d have thrown even a toffee wrapper on the clean roads and streets. But now that I’m in india, and i see garbage floating and flying every where around me, i can hear that pepsi can which was once searching for the trash bin in my hand, now screaming to let it be free. What difference would it make anyway, my brain says along. On a street full of whatnot, why would that can of pepsi make any difference? As i let my grip loosen, my childhood upbringing’s consciousness comes in the way. Afterall, If every Indian starts thinking like this, then that astronaut will certainly not see that small amount of clear land left in India.

Even with the nationwide publicised campaigns like “swatch bharat” meaning clean India, some idiot throws rubbish out of the car while driving, or that stupid neighbour refuses to walk to the garbage spot at the end of the lane. Be it the middle class, the hi-so, uneducated or the highly educated of the society, residents prefers to turn a blind eye towards men who spits saliva filled with beatle anywhere they wish. The city wall are usually filled with red spots of beatle or paan that from faraway, it looks like its been designed in brick color, just like the bass of an audio moving up and down. Sometimes the dirt is so bad, that i have to pinch my nose close while crossing a street due to the heart wrentching stench. Ask any Indian, and they can relate to that 30 second run in a narrow lane filled with crap and urine with their breathings at halt. Just for that shortcut..

Cow and buffalow dunk owns the streets in some of the mentropolitan cities of India. Fresh ones waiting right in the middle for some vehicle to splatter it’s wheel, cutting the sh*t in half. And then some more…until it’s clearly inhaled in by the road.

Funny thing is, even if someone wants to throw the garbage in its place, they’d always aim for somewhere near it BUT the trash bin. When you look in, the whole huge bin would be empty and the rubbish would be, very gracefully, decorating it’s sides. You could literally hear the bored garbage tin yelling, “USE ME…PLEASE”.

Dont even get me started on raining days…


9 thoughts on “Use me, please.

  1. Great post.☺️👍👍 I hope all my fellow Indians reading this take notice and Spread the word! Just because someone else does it, doesn’t make it okay to do the same. Use the garbage bins, we pay tax that is spent on buying them! Use them for cleanliness sake.

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  2. I totally get you. I love in the Dominican Republic and our society also doesn’t have that custom of cleanliness on the streets. I guess it’s a matter of poor education and lack of awareness.


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