That first mandatory post

Sometimes….well, most of the time i wonder how reading some books and blogs leave me speechless. Ever since i had taken up reading as a hobby, which was not long ago, i’ve come to realize how beautiful this portion of art is. Its like a person adding his soul into it and letting it out free to go mesmerise others. Now, i dont know if there are people out there who realize what goes into writing a small piece of anything, but being an underdog kind of a writer, i sure do know how talent, practice and all kinds of blandishment it takes to begin that first word in the blog.

Writing has not only been my strength, but also my weakness. It takes courage to opt for something you know you arent a pro at. And i think that pretty much explains it all. I have a strong passion towards writing and reading that refuses to leave as much i could try. Not that i’ve tried. But everytime i had started a blog, i had only left it after a couple of posts. Repeated writer’s block and a failure to choose scribbling over reading, i’ve voluntarily forgotten the blog’s username and password.

I do dream and aspire to become a busy freelancer soon. Until then, i have a task to make a portfolio so strong like that of a published author. So a very happy blogging to myself and to all of you reading my first confusing but honest blogpost.

Hence (hasnt kicked that word out yet?), my third attempt on blogging. *deep breathe*. Here i come, wordpress. 

What are your reasons to begin writing?


28 thoughts on “That first mandatory post

  1. Tiffany Higgins says:

    I love your voice. I too have had countless blogs that just didn’t go anywhere. This time, I read one little piece of advice that (hopefully) has changed everything. Write like you are talking to a friend. In the past, my blog writing was stiff and I deleted constantly worrying what others may think of my words. This time is going to be different. Welcome to WordPress. It’s a great place to start a conversation. Also, if you don’t already, follow

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  2. Hi Kritikgupta,
    I like your headline. You are right. You can’t write many posts until you’ve written the first “mandatory” one.
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  3. My reason to start writing was a challenge to myself. To see if I could stick with it without it becoming a chore for me to do, (I usually mess a lot of things up by somehow putting so much pressure on myself, it becomes a chore). I also wanted a place where I could freely voice my thoughts and opinions, and that I got.
    I wish you luck on your future blogging journey!


  4. πŸ˜€ How could I relate to forgetting password and username. I created one blog two or three years ago, and the day I made it, I though my work is over. As if blog was going to develop its own blog posts and entertain my followers, which I had nil. πŸ˜€
    So yeah, I ACTUALLY started blogging when 2016 was at its mid-way. Being my month of birth, I couldn’t think of any other better month to start my blog. πŸ˜‰
    Now I DO remember my username and password. Cheers to that! πŸ˜€


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