Path of Shattered Hearts

As she lay on the bloody mat sheets on the maternity ward..

As she heard the wailings of labor pain from the bed next door..

As she felt the hushed mutterings of tired prayers from her mother father husband and brother..

As she watched the doctors exchanging tensed glances between her legs stretched wide apart..

As her face got moist from the well of the tears overflowing from her eyes..

..she realized that God has chosen a separated path for her and her baby yet again.

As she saw her third stillborn baby for the first time, a piece of her already broken heart was going away with him, leaving her soul hopeless and shattered than ever this time.


11 thoughts on “Path of Shattered Hearts

  1. WoW!! This is beyond beautiful writing,emotions on the paper seems so real.
    And thanks for visiting my blog that gives me an opportunity to visit your wonderful blog👌👌👌😊


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