Together their dreams took beautiful course, as he heard wails of a child buzzing out from the maternity ward. This time, it was finally a girl..

It’s funny how a having a girl child in India still raises many eyebrows among those gossiping grannies. I remember few relatives of mine from older generations, coming up to me and saying, “oh..never mind. She’s a first child after all. Second will definitely be a boy”. I swear if they weren’t relatives from my husband’s side, I would have punched their nose hard. Why were they feeling sorry for me when I was on cloud nine instead? I was happy. I felt wonderful. Period. I didn’t want ANYBODY questioning my happiness and my life ahead based on my child’s sex.

For a country with second highest population growth and a whooping 74.04% literacy rate, India is still miles behind. May God bless the mentality of those relatives and may there be more and more girls proving themselves.

On that note, what kind of response would you give when a person sympathizes with you because apparently, you gave born to a girl child?


15 thoughts on “Together

  1. We had three boys, and finally our only daughter. We were very happy to have her. I think even here in America, there is a sense that a real man will have sons, but of course we know that’s a silly superstition now. My husband was just as excited for our girl as he was for our three boys.

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  2. Paulina Angela says:

    I find this interesting and obviously I cannot relate. I have a son, I lost my other two pregnancies. I am sometimes envious of parents lucky enough to have daughters. I love my boy and would never wish him away but would have liked a girl as well. families are not created equally. as like all in life you can do nothing more than play the hand you are dealt. congrats on you’re good fortune.


  3. Make a note that your husband’s relatives are not educated. It’s not their fault. They have been made so. .any how it annoys as I too have a elder sister and I understand how it kills every first born Girl in a family😖🙁

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  4. I could relate to this, I mean so silly, do these people not realize that they’ve entered this world because of a ‘woman’. How can they even pass comments like these realizing that the only difference between a man and a women is their physical appearance. I guess that’s it, on that basis I guess we females have a upper hand in bringing life on this planet. Pay no heed to such comments, your daughter is a blessing to you and your family. May God bless her.


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