Single mothers: The real heroes


So, my husband woke up this morning to find me reading an article on how to be a single mom in college on my laptop. The irony! Obviously, a good morning was replaced with a very confused “what are you up to?”

A long-lost friend of mine from Bangalore called me last night, asking if I knew any accommodation near a certain college in Jaipur. Curious than ever, I asked her who was the person she was so keenly helping to find a place, for that she had no idea she’s calling that late at night. What I heard next stumbled me in words and brought questions at my lips that I, thankfully, managed to zip. The last time I talked to her she was happily married with a year-old son. Her phone call, after somewhat 2 years, declared that she was now a single mother helplessly searching for colleges to complete her graduation that she had had left during an in-love-enough-to-dropout-and-marry enthusiasm.

Her parents refused to welcome her home because “what will the society say?” Instead, they financed her to move to another city where no relatives lived, pursue her studies and start afresh. Really, what is up with our Indian society? And what sort of parents does that to their own daughter? Sometimes, when I listen to these kinds of stories or read it in the local paper, I have the urge to bang on their doors and explain that there are bigger things in the world to be concerned about. The uncontrollable statistics of refugees from Syria, those faultless kids that starve themselves to death in rural Africa, global warming that’ll eat Earth up!! But no, their concern is what the society will say if their daughter is back for good.

That was enough to leave me  with a sleepless night topped up with 3 questions to ponder upon.

  1. How is she going to manage this all by herself?
  2. What can I do to help her win this battle?
  3. Why was she so dumb to drop out of college for that idiot?

After skipping those 7 hours of sleep for the night, I managed to come up with possible solutions for at least question number 2.

So as soon as I got up moody this morning (funny…since I didn’t sleep at all), I searched up things for my dear friend to make life easier for her. Apparently, there are some good number of affordable child-care facilities in Jaipur. I also did a part of her homework like searching online for some affordable professional custom writing services, because let’s admit it- she’s going to need one. I also just texted her a shortlist of accommodations with safe neighborhood.

Her worries don’t end here, I know. There will be everything she’ll need for her baby who’s now 3 years old. His pre-school. Their meals. Safety. A part time job for herself. Dealing with weird questions from the neighbors. Hats off to all those single mothers out there who are living it up by themselves. You are the real heroes and you define women power!


16 thoughts on “Single mothers: The real heroes

  1. it is really annoying how the parents, even in these times, feel embarrassed about taking care of their daughters who for valid reasons choose to move out of their marriage. Is what will people say more important than the well being of their daughter? Your friend is atleast lucky to have a good friend in you who is helping her out in the current situation.


  2. So first of all, a big applause for you for taking in hands a serious society related issue. Every parent concern about only what the Society speak about us. This is the same case with the Transgender. Parents must be the first support to their son/daughter. Unfortunately all these society related issues have a great impact only when it is a women. Everyone does mistakes. She has done one. Thats it. hats off for you miss. Let us pray for your friend for a better future


  3. This article is very well written. It’s common to see such cases around us but uncommon to speak up or write something that atttacts attention. Well done. You have nicely composed it. Quite captivating.

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  4. I never paid much heed to this issue, but reading this really made me wonder how our society works. And it’s this working only, which pushes me to stay far from society, as much as possible.
    I hope your friend gets through it really well, and I am glad she got you as her friend. 🙂


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