Top 5 tips to survive in India

Namastey. Heading to India? Learn these 5 tips by heart:

  1. Never ask for directions from a group of people. You’ll be bombarded with atleast 3 ways to reach your destination, simultaneously, which will only make things more confusing. Target an individual, ask him how to reach the place. If he seems confident enough, go with it.
  2. If you happen to have a weak digestive system, never eat anything on the street, however tempting it might be.
  3. Never start a conversation with any girl, unless its really an emergency. Talk to any girl more than its necessary, and you might be charged for eve teasing. 
  4. No PDA. Public display of affection, even if its just embracing may come off as sex.
  5. If you’re a good bargainer, you’re in for a treat. If he says 1000, offer only 500.

( Ps. I may not be an expert in the field. But growing up in Thailand and moving back to India, has given me enough experience to warn you all off. )


5 thoughts on “Top 5 tips to survive in India

  1. Lol. Agreed being an Indian. Also these Do not things change according to different states of India. In some states, asking a direction from auto rickshaw driver can cost you money. Happened with my friend. 😂


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