That First Day

She was nervous and on the verge of crying. Remembering the tears dwelling from those eyes were the only thing she kept thinking about that day. Getting the house chores done was rather difficult. She called her husband. She needed someone to console her and to affirm that everything will be okay.

It was time – 1:30 PM. Unable to keep the anxiety away, she took the car keys and drove off. It was taking longer to reach the destination as she kept glancing at every minute vanishing by in the digital clock on the dashboard.

Parking became difficult than ever, but she managed nonetheless. As she hurriedly walked in and apprehensively asked for Ashley from the receptionist, she was requested to wait for another 5 minutes.

5 minutes! Seemed like eternity!

Finally, she sees a glimpse of small hands clutched around a lady. That confused tiny face and then the stars twinkling in the eyes as the little girl sees her mommy. She runs leaving the lady behind and hugs her mother tightly. Looking down, she sees her tiny lover smile.

Mommy sighs! The first day in school wasn’t that bad after all…