Monsters in the name of Society

Then they convinced her to leave her job and get married, for another gem like man was hard to find,

Then they asked her for children, for with age comes difficulty to conceive,

She did. Twice.

And then what they asked next, finally wrecked her life into pieces, for what they wanted was a baby boy..

Such an uneven life, meeting monsters in the name of “society”.

& you know what’s the sad part? A lot of Indian women can relate to this. 


13 thoughts on “Monsters in the name of Society

  1. I’m from Malaysia so I’m familiar with the plight of the Chinese when it comes to baby boys. Today, I learned that it’s an Indian thing too!

    Very well put. I even thought you were local because of how relatable this is.


  2. How aptly you put down the harsh facts. Wonderful!
    I just wonder what heights or which zenith does boys achieve that girls cannot. There isn’t any, in today’s world, and yet people are fighting over for boys to be brought to life instead of girls. For what? So that the name of their family can be carried forward for generations. A lot of girls don’t change their last name even after getting married, a lot of girls take care of their parents in their old age in a better way than the boys – this is a fact inferred from the surveys carried out. I nowhere want to imply that boys are any less capable or don’t care much about their parents, but girls can do the same things if they are allowed to.
    Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time for people to realize this, and get rid of such kind of old mind-set, which does no good to anyone.

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