There was only so much she could do. As much as her soul denied the eye witnessing the truth, her egoistic mind was stubbon to remain angry. For she knew once the anger fades away, her heart will ache, breaking down the wall of tears, bringing around a feeling which would be probably be tougher to exit from. It was difficult – seeing her husband hand in hand with another woman at what used to be their favorite café.

The last time she was there with him, they were madly in love with each other. 6 years down their perfect marriage, as she crossed the pavement glancing inside the place, she was slapped hard with betrayal. Getting hit by a truck would have been less painful.

“Mama, what happened? You look sick”. Her chain of soul-destucting thoughts came to a halt as she heard a sweet voice of her daughter rushing to embrace with her tiny body.

“Nothing honey. I was just wondering about us taking a long holiday at your grandparents farm this year.”


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