Dear Santa, read this before you begin your tour this Christmas.

While I was seeking inspiration for a new post here and there today, here’s something that I came across: My own post that I had written 5 years back on Santa and what he can do to make the world a better place.

Dear Santa,

When I was a kid, like every other child, I was enchanted by you. I was mesmerized with the thought that every Christmas eve, you would come and put a small gift under my pillow. I waited for every 25th of December rather enthusiastically. 

I tried to be a good kid all year round and truly believed in how the bad children would get coals instead. I had as much faith in you as I have for the almighty but Oh! I was such a fool! I still curse the day when my cousin broke the news to me, “there’s no such thing as Santa”. I wept the whole night. That was the cruelest truth said to me and suddenly I had nothing but dislike for you.

But just so you know, that soft corner created for you, still resides within me. Only, I’d never let you known.

Things are different now. I’m much older than last year. I’ve realized how lucky and blessed I am. Hence, I’m putting down my ego and writing to you again after all these years. This Christmas, my wishes are different. I’ve realized how selfish I have been over the years to wish for a new phone, car, clothes and such. I’m sorry. My wants are pocket-sized in front of what the world needs.

Dear Santa, do you know that according to UNICEF, 25,000 children die each day due to poverty? So here I am, laying a better job opportunity for you on the table. I’m giving you a chance again to make yourself look good in my eyes. I’m giving you a chance for appreciation. Even after a child turns 13 and learns about your truth, here’s your chance to make up for those lies about your existence.

My wish for this Christmas is not for me, but for those 25,000 children instead. Santa, please give them food, water and shelter. Please stop spending so much money on our luxuries and do something for these children instead. Please reduce this number my old friend, Santa, this is all I wish.

There’s nothing that will make me happier than knowing that all of the less privileged children look forward for Christmas and for the good things that you do for them. In fact, you’ll feel good yourself. You need to realize this Santa. I have everything. My siblings, friends, neighbors have everything. But these children can’t even manage a square meal. Who will be there for them? How about you stop sneaking in from our chimneys and knock on their doors instead? How about you stop gifting us what we already have and gift them what they can’t live without?

Give them all they need to live, to be happy and to be as lucky and blessed as I am today. This is my only wish from you dear Santa.  In return, I promise that after I grow up and have children myself, I’ll tell share only good tales about you with them.

Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Dear Santa, read this before you begin your tour this Christmas.

  1. A wanted, expected post. It shows your maturity, shows you are a grown up now and really informative. But above all these, the crazy thing to be noted is that you have written a post for Santa which you don’t believe in.. 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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