Her strange stare perplexed me. From a fun loving woman to a saddening soul trapped in a body, the sudden transition piqued my mind as every second she stood there facing me. I wanted to leap towards her, punching her hard before balancing on the ground. But this wasn’t the time. I wanted to know what happened inside the room a couple of minutes ago before I lost my grip on anger. She was testing my patience. No, her emotional state was testing my patience.

“So what did he say?”, I shouted from the car parked adjacent to his big bungalow.

“He wants me to abort the baby”, came the answer.

I told you so…I wanted to scream. I wanted to give her an account of the number of times I warned her about that evil man. I wanted to go inside the house and slap him hard on face. I wanted him to cry till his eyes bled and apologize. I wanted him to take responsibility of his act. I wanted him to be as happy about the baby as her, BUT FIRST, I wanted him dead at that moment, killing him myself.

Instead, I walked out of my car and embraced her. Perplexities had just begun.


3 thoughts on “Perplexed 

  1. meetmeinnevada says:

    Wow… That grew dark really quick! Lol. I really liked the post, suspense building the second the first sentence ended. Keep it up 🙂


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