So what ?!?

Kate and Will

After months of rumors, the world, especially UK was indulged in, it is finally officially announced – Kate Middleton was indeed pregnant.

This news has speeded like a wild fire and the newspapers are finally showing their crazy journo colors. We only have to look as far as The daily Mail who have published 14 pages about this hot news.


“Quality matters more than quantity,” my professor always told me. I guess it’s time for some of the leading newspapers to pause and think about those basic beginner elements of journalism.

The Duchtess was taken to hospital yesterday morning for suffering from an “acute and dangerous” morning sickness. I say she’s not the only women in the universe to get pregnant. With pregnancy comes the morning sickness.

The child is important, I agree but what’s with the flood of irrelevant news about what the baby will look like, what the weight of the baby would be and how her condition hints that it’s going to be twins. She’s only less than 12 weeks pregnant for crying out loud.

Yes, it’s a very sweet idea to publish how both Kate and Wills were welcomed in their families’ year ago but what’s with the financial benefit to the parents of Duchess in the same news article?

Some of the newspapers have gone to a completely new height on the most-absurd-news-scale. The Daily Mail made her new hairstyle very sensational.

“Woman’s hair is a barometer for her emotions, and that a cut often signals a radical shift in an individual’s life,” the newspaper read.

Also the newspaper found it important to write how the New Jersey Star, Snooki is delighted to give Kate breast feeding tips.

The laughter fit I got after seeing pictures of William’s before/after hospital visit had definitely kept me going through the day.

Well, I’m really hoping the news sinks in quick. Meanwhile, here’s the small message to the crazy-driven news media:

“It was lovely to hear about Kate’s pregnancy. Thanks, but no thanks. We’d rather hear elaborated news on how Afghanistan is still traumatized by US troops and how Tibet has found a new way to protest against China.”

And oh!, while you are at it, don’t forget to take Guess the royal baby quiz.!


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